Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Have Some Issues

Stairway Abstract, Boone, NC  -  2013
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It's no secret I love libraries. Perhaps a bit too much. I still have great memories of my Mother taking me to the Wagner Library in Metairie, LA at a very young age when I first learned how to read. I can still recall the distinct smell of that library, and the way the afternoon sun shined through the high windows on trips there after school. The library at my high school was small, but was a frequent place of retreat during free time which many of my friends spent in the cafeteria listening to the jukebox. Then there was the amazing (for me) library at Louisiana Tech that took up the bottom ten floors of the 16 story Wyly Tower of Learning. It, too, became a frequent hideout during my free time hours. After graduation, I became well acquainted with all the local libraries in every town I've lived in.

When my oldest daughter began at Appalachian State in 2008, I thought a responsible parent ought to check out their library too. What a photography section! Now when I go to Boone to visit (my youngest daughter is now a student there), I always try to plan a little library time. And of course, I almost always have a camera with me, in this case, my pocketable Canon A2000. That's how I got this shot inside the library's stairwell. Taking pictures in a stairwell? In a university library? Yeah, I know, I really ought to talk to somebody about this.

1 comment:

  1. Issues??? Maybe....but you captured a great abstract.
    I used to haunt the library in my younger days. Loved the eclectic choices...the world at my finger tips.