Friday, May 10, 2013

Other Views

Tulip From Below, Clyde, NC  -  2007
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One of the things that I have had to learn as a photographer is that holding a camera at standing eye level is often the least interesting viewpoint. Many times it is better to stoop, climb up on something, or even lay your belly to get a more visually compelling perspective. Yeah, you'll get some strange looks from other people, but you'll also get better photos. Having people look at you like you're nuts is just something photographers have to get used to.

I made this photo of a tulip's underside at Haywood Community College a few years back. The tulips were in a bed at the front entrance gate. A few drivers slowed down as they went through the gate, probably wondering why this guy was laying on his back looking up at the tulips. When we get those "looks" from the incredulous passerby, we can take solace in the fact they probably also wonder why their pictures don't look anything like ours.

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  1. Amen!
    I love the backsides, undersides of flowers. This is so pretty John.
    Wish I could get down like I used to!
    My son always teases me about getting in the "Grandma pose"'s really not pretty!!