Saturday, February 23, 2013

What's next?

I'm a fan of the now defunct TV show, "The West Wing". Although I generally loathe the political agenda the show tried to promote, the writing and story lines were always top notch, the characters well conceived and played, and I never get tired of watching reruns. One of President Bartlet's catch phrases from the show is, "What's next?", a line he uses when he's through with the current topic of discussion and is ready to move on to something else. That's my attitude toward winter right now, "What's next?"

As winter drags on, I'm contemplating a planned return visit to Charleston in April. Last year was our first trip there, and I fell in love with this city. It reminds me quite a bit of New Orleans, only much cleaner and safer. Of course, I spent a great deal of time making photos of all the sights - one could wear out several cameras in Charleston. I don't want to re-photograph what I already shot last year, so I've been contemplating what I will do differently on this year's visit.

Last year I shot mostly "macro" views of the city's architectural features. I've got scores of overall shots of buildings, churches, fountains, etc. Maybe this year I'll focus more on the details that make Charleston's buildings special. I did a little of that last year as seen in the photo below, but I think I'll make that even more of a focus this trip.

Wrought Iron Detail, Charleston, SC  -  2012
(Click on photo to enlarge.)

I think I'd also like to photograph more Charleston people this year, although this is more of a struggle for me. After all, it's the shop owners, waiters, street vendors, and "characters" that give a town its personality. Taking pictures of strangers on the street is hard for me to do, but maybe in the role of a tourist I'll feel less self-conscious about doing it. I've read that dressing like the stereotypical tourist will often buy you some slack with your subject when pointing a camera in their direction. We'll see.

Anyway, winter has worn out its welcome with me. I'm ready for "What's next?"


  1. With your eye, I'm sure there will be some unique and stunning shots of Charleston. I think I would like to visit there too.
    It seems I get so antsy to travel when the finances forbid it.
    This morning there was a different feel to the air. I think Spring is on the way.
    We haven't gotten enough rain here or snow in the mountains to have good totals but at least we aren't having the drought that other parts of the US seem to have.
    Have a goo week John.

  2. Oh brother....
    I just reread this...
    ***good week***
    No Goo in your week ahead, (:0)