Thursday, February 28, 2013

Inspiration Found

In last Saturday's post I discussed how I am looking for a different approach to photographing Charleston on this year's trip. I had considered that I would focus more on detail shots than the overall views that dominated my attempts on our first trip last April. After making that post I found a book at the library that clarified my thinking, Paris, Portrait Of A City, by photographer Matthew Weinreb.

In this book, Weinreb concentrated on the architectural details that make Paris buildings unique. In Weinreb's own words from the Forward, "As in the book on London, I was not concerned with producing a categorical document of the city. I wanted to immerse myself in Paris' grandeur, to spy out details which are so often missed by the passerby."

As I thumbed through the book in the library I knew this was exactly the approach I wanted to take this year's trip. Since Saturday, I have given the book a more studied viewing, and I am getting fired up about making photos again. Not that Charleston can compare with Paris, but the two cities do share a wealth of fascinating architectural details for any who will take the time to look for them.

I did do some detail photography on last year's trip, as in this photo of the balcony railing at the Nathaniel-Russell House, but I was more captivated by the overall views. This year I will spend more time looking for the details that I overlooked before, inspired by Mr. Weinreb's approach.

Balcony Detail, Nathaniel Russell House, Charleston, SC  -  2012
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