Friday, May 2, 2014

A Peaceful Setting

Dogwood And Bridge, Asheville, NC  -  2014
(Click on photo to enlarge.)

Last Saturday, my dance card for yard work and other chores was quite full, so I had to be creative to squeeze in a little photo time. The first thing on my agenda was trip to the Sherwin-Williams commercial store in Asheville for some house cleaning chemical. The store opened at 8 am, and since it was fairly close to the UNCA botanical gardens, I decided to combine a trip.

Leaving early, and fueled by coffee and a Hardee's bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, I arrived at UNCA just after sunrise. At that hour, I had the place virtually to myself. I saw 3-4 early morning walkers and joggers, but not the crowds of families with young children that are usually there later in the day. It was very peaceful, the quiet disturbed only by the sound of chirping birds. (OK, there was the noise of the occasional truck on nearby I-240, but work with me here - I'm trying to set a mood.) I found myself looking more, shooting less, and mainly just enjoying the solitude.

I did make a few photos of some wild flowers and some dogwood trees, but mostly I just walked around. The photo above summed up that morning for me - peaceful. It was just the kind of hour or so I needed before I got started on a Saturday of cutting grass and house maintenance.

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