Friday, January 17, 2014

His Steadfast Love

Psalm 94:18 
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As I have already shared with my Facebook friends, I had a terrifying experience on my way home from work Wednesday night. On I-40, which appeared to be clear and dry, I suddenly found myself careening sideways after hitting an unseen patch of icy road. I slid from the right lane across the left lane, hit inside guardrail with the left front corner of my truck, spun around backwards, slid back across both lanes again, and finally came to rest on the right shoulder facing the wrong way. I felt like I was watching a NASCAR wreck from the in-car camera. I was unhurt, but my poor little pickup will be in the shop for a while with its injuries.

The miracle was that in sliding completely across the highway twice, I hit no one, and no one hit me. I was blessed that there were no other vehicles close to me at the time I lost control because an emergency stop would have been impossible for anybody. I shudder to think what might have happened if there had been any big trucks coming up behind me. Instead, I came to rest, unhurt, on the shoulder, out of the way of oncoming traffic. I truly feel that my life had been spared.

A couple of my Facebook friends commented that His angels were watching over me that night. Who knows what means God used to preserve me Wednesday night, but I'm thankful that His steadfast love did hold me up!

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