Saturday, January 11, 2014

Down By The Frozen Creek

While stopped to make the photo on yesterday's post, I saw a creek down below where I was parked. The creek was still mostly frozen even though temperatures had crept up into the low 40s that day. It looked like some promising photo opportunities were down there, but it was way down there - about 150' down a very steep bank. Another problem was that I had neglected to put my shoulder strap back on my camera. With one hand holding the camera, that left me with only one hand to climb with.

I debated and hesitated before finally attempting the climb down. My third step was onto a flat rock that broke loose when I put my weight on it. I completely lost my footing for a second, but I had a good grip on a small tree, so disaster was averted. I could feel that cool sweat that breaks out on your forehead when you get a good scare, but I decided to continue down. I think sometimes men have to do things that scare them a little. I don't know why that is, but we've all done it, and keep doing it. I guess it's just the way God wired us - the lust for adventure.

I managed to find a safe path the rest of the way down with no damage to me or my camera. I was rewarded with a winter wonderland of a frozen creek with water flowing underneath the ice. These were the best shots of the bunch. Because of the cold by the river, and the exertion of the climb down, my hands weren't their steadiest. I tried bracing myself against trees, but a tripod would have made for sharper photos. But then I wouldn't have had any hands free for climbing! (Click on the photos to enlarge.)

I purposefully left out a shot of the creek from the road. I'll be in enough trouble when my daughters find out that their old Dad attempted something like this solo without letting them see exactly where I was climbing. We'll just keep that part of the story to ourselves.


  1. Stunning photos John.
    A little scary but I can see why you risked Life and Limb for them.
    Love the first one. It reminds me of a zippered jacket.

  2. Beautiful photos. You are quite the daredevil when it comes to you, your camera and a great shot, aren't you?

  3. Thanks, but that's not the term my daughters used to describe these adventures!

  4. All really great, but the 3rd is my favorite...