Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tomatoes and RAM: A Difficult Summer

My computer started displaying some weird behavior this past weekend that a Google search determined was due to one or both of my RAM sticks going bad. Fortunately, this is a relatively inexpensive (< $40) fix, and one I can do myself. I've replaced RAM sticks before to upgrade, and it is a simple "plug and play" operation. The only problem is, until the new RAM arrives, any task on my computer that eats up large amounts of RAM, like photo editing, cause it spaz out. Very frustrating. I'm hoping I'm back up to full computing strength by this weekend because Folkmoot Festival Day is Saturday, and I plan on having many photos to work on in the digital darkroom when I get back.

Tomatoes On The Vine, Canton, NC  -  2010
(Click on photo to enlarge.)

Like TV stations, when I have nothing new to show, I can always do re-runs. These are some tomatoes from my garden in 2010. Fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes are one of my favorite things about summer. You can't beat a good 'maters and mayonnaise sandwich! Because we had cool weather so far into May this year, I never did get around to putting any tomato plants out. I figured it would be mid to late August before I got any tomatoes after planting so late in May, and I'm not that patient. So this summer I've had to hit the local roadside produce stands when I need to get my tomato fix. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to September.


  1. A friend just gave me about a dozen of her assorted types of homegrown maters...
    Oh my are they ever good. No plastic taste, just sweet goodness.
    Sorry about your computer but glad it's an inexpensive fix.
    What would we do without our computers now???

  2. This is the first year I am getting tomatoes off my plants with out them having been half eaten or rotting first. It's taken a while and I've had to buy most of mine from the farmers market up until now.