Thursday, July 25, 2013

I like a good black and white, but . . .

I enjoy viewing a well crafted black and white photograph, and I also enjoy the challenge of trying to make one. However, there are times when only a color photograph can even come close to disclosing the beauty of a scene. The dresses worn by these dancers from Mexico could only be done in color, don't you agree? (Click on photos to enlarge.)

BTW, I rarely get comments via e-mail, but I got an interesting one yesterday. The comment, from "anonymous" of course, stated that "I notice that you only seem to focus your attention on pretty female dancers at Folkmoot". I'm not sure if this was meant to be a criticism, or just an observation, but I'll address it anyway by making three points. (1) While all of the dance groups at Folkmoot that I've seen are co-ed, women still are in the majority among the dancers. (2) The majority of my Folkmoot photos have been of female dancers, but not all of them. (3) I guess the secret is out now on me being a life-long heterosexual. The pretty male dancers just don't do anything for me; my camera and I prefer the girls. I hope I've cleared that one up! 

1 comment:

  1. (:0)

    Stunning, vivid colors. That's the only way to show the costumes.

    I don't know where anonymous gets his information. The last two folkmoot pictures you posted are men.
    You take what is there and do a fine job anyway.

    Way to go John!!!