Saturday, July 27, 2013

Expanding My Musical Horizons

About six years ago I started to experiment with listening to classical music, and I actually began to enjoy it. In the last year or so I've also begun to listen to jazz, but that's a taste I haven't completely acquired yet. In short, I'm beginning to admit that there is other worthwhile music to enjoy besides '70s classic rock.

Last weekend at the Folkmoot International Festival Day, I had my musical horizons expanded a bit further - Celtic rock by Uncle Hamish and the Hooligans. I'd heard of it, but never experienced a live performance. Hey, I like it! Rock music with the addition of bag pipes sounded like a weird combination at first, but it works. This is another genre I'll have to delve into a little more. Here's a few shots of the Hooligans from last Saturday. (Click on photos to enlarge.) BTW, as hot as it was, a kilt seemed like a good thing to be a wearin'!

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