Sunday, July 21, 2013

I had a hot time at Folkmoot!

The conversation must have gone something like this: "I've got a great idea! Let's invite dance groups from around the world to come perform in Waynesville. They could wear their native costumes and perform traditional dances that showcase their country's culture. We could have it in mid July, when it's miserably hot and humid. The dancers in their long, heavy costumes will just love our sub-tropical summer climate, and so will the tourists! We could have a street festival right there on Main Street, and the dancers could perform right on the hot, asphalt street. Just think of the drink sales!"

Well, maybe that wasn't exactly how Folkmoot got started, but the results are the same. It's a melt-down experience for dancers and spectators alike, and I keep going back every year. Why? My camera and I can't seem to resist the colors and the beauty of the dancers and their costumes, so back to the furnace that is Main Street in July I go. Where else can I get pictures like these without leaving Haywood county? (Click on photos to enlarge.)

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