Friday, June 7, 2013

Your Camera Is Probably Good Enough

Balsam Mountain Morning, Haywood County, NC  -  2004
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In a never ending effort to sell more product, camera manufactures have promoted the myth that if you want better pictures, you need a newer/better/bigger/more expensive camera. Millions buy into this lie every year, and after spending several hundred, or even thousands of dollars on new camera equipment, are still disappointed with their results. Go figure.

In the realm of cooking, most of us understand that if we want to be able to cook like Aunt Martha, buying a stove like Aunt Martha's isn't the answer. We have to learn the cooking techniques that Aunt Martha has learned over the years if we want our meals to turn out as delicious as hers. Photography is no different. Learning photographic technique, not buying a new camera, is the answer. Learning some basics about composition, lighting, and exposure will do more to improve your photos than dumping hundreds on to the latest offering from Canikon. Here's another tip: learn to operate the camera you already own. Remember that User Guide you tossed aside when you bought your last camera? You'll be amazed at what kind of useful information is in that little book. You'll probably discover capabilities you had no idea your camera had!

The photo above was made with an ancient Canon G3 with a mere 4 mega pixels. It was pretty hot stuff in 2003, but seems like a real dinosaur compared to the latest models. Still, it is capable of making nice  photos even today. Save yourself some money, and learn how to operate the camera you already own. Both you and your wallet will be much happier.

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  1. I think you are right on John.
    Though my brain doesn't see to get all the information and gizmos i know I could do a lot more if I would just learn more about my camera.
    Still have lots of fun just shooting Life.