Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Dogwood Days Of Spring

Dogwood Blossoms, Canton, NC  -  2006
(Click on photo to enlarge.)

It's dogwood time in the western North Carolina mountains! The earliest blooms appeared a couple of weeks ago, but now the slopes of the local mountains are sprinkled with white. Since most of the larger trees haven't completely leafed out yet, the dogwoods steal the show for a few short weeks in April.

The above photo came from a dogwood that used to reside in my backyard. It got attacked by some kind of fungus, and I was unable to save it, so it contributed to my fireplace the following winter. Like pictures of an old friend, I still have this photo to remember its beauty.

I really wanted to get out today to do some dogwood photography while the trees are at their peak, but the honey-do list is reaching an epic length. I have to go to the Sherwin-Williams commercial store on Riverside Drive in Asheville to buy some pressure washer chemical this morning to do my annual battle with the gunk that grows on the shady side of my house. Hey, wait a minute! That's just a stone's throw away from the UNCA botanical gardens. I may be able to squeeze in a little flower photography after all. Just don't tell Theresa why my "errands" took so long!

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