Thursday, April 24, 2014

Missing My Break

Since we moved to North Carolina in 1999, I have always taken one of my vacation weeks when the girls were out of school for spring break, which usually occurs around the third week of April. Sometimes we'd take a vacation trip, other times we'd just explore locally. The timing worked out well because spring is in full bloom by this time. It's a good time to combine spring photography with other activities.

However, both girls are finished with the Haywood County school schedule now, and that left me with a dilemma concerning when to take my spring break. As an experiment, I took a week off when Courtney had her spring break from Appalachian State back in early March. That proved to be a mis-guided decision on several fronts. The second week of March was hardly spring-like, and I ended up spending most of my week putting a new roof on the back porch.

This would be the week I would normally take off, and the weather has been mostly beautiful. As I've been out and about, all I've been able to think about is "I wish I was off this week." I think next year I'll go back to my old routine of taking my spring break in mid April. You can't get pictures like the one below in early March around here!

Springtime In The Smokies, (Location Unrecorded)  -  2004
(Click on photo to enlarge.)

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  1. So lush and beautiful.
    My "Spring Break" was again in hot and terribly dusty Mexicali, Mexico.
    A great time of missions but not to conducive to gorgeous photography.