Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Detailing A Truck Photo

I've always been impressed with what a professional car detailer can do to make a vehicle look show room new. The skill and patience involved is way beyond my ability. Sometimes, however, I have to do some detailing on a photo. With today's image editing software it can still be a little tedious, but I find I enjoy the results when I get finished.

The photo below was made at the Bush's Bean plant in Chestnut Hill, TN. We were passing through, taking the back roads to Sevierville when I saw this old Ford pick-up outside the Bush's Visitor Center and Museum. Being a lover of old trucks, I had to stop to get a picture. As often happens when photographing vehicles, the background was terrible from any angle. Cars, busses, tourists, and unsightly buildings would compete for attention with my subject from any angle I tried. I finally compromised on this view, hoping I could successfully get rid of the offending background clutter later.

Original, out-of-the-camera version

To isolate the viewer's attention on the truck, all the crapola in the background had to go. Using the clone tool, I replaced the bus, cars, and tourists with less distracting grass and trees. Just to make sure, I then added just a bit of blur to the background. I don't think my photo will be leaking any oil or rolling away, so I also got rid of the tire chock and oil drip pan that was under the truck. Now, that's better!

Bush's Beans Pick-up Truck, Chestnut Hill, TN  -  2014
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