Thursday, September 26, 2013

We did, but we didn't.

Dine & Dance, New Orleans, LA  -  2013
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I made this photo outside The River Shack Tavern after my brother and I had finished our meal there. We dined, but we didn't dance. Actually, nobody was dancing while we were there. Anyway, my brother and I are close, but not that close.

My brother works for a company in Atlanta that builds commercial signs of all sizes and types. He told me about how neon signs are becoming more and more rare. LCDs are the hottest thing in sign lighting nowadays, and the number of people who know how to work with neon are in steep decline. Soon, neon signs may be a lost art. Maybe that should be my next ongoing project - photographing neon signs before they're all gone.

If I do take on that project, the little Canon A2000 I used for this photo will be put away for one of my Olympus DSLRs. The little Canon does a great job in good light, but falls flat on low-light shots like this. Way too much digital noise in the shadow areas that even Noiseware couldn't completely save. However, it was the only camera I had with me on this trip, so it got pressed into service. With some tweaking in the digital darkroom I got a serviceable photo, so I guess the A2000 didn't completely fail me. 

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  1. I do see a whole new series in your future.
    There is a Neon Museum in Los Angeles. I haven't been there yet, but think it would be fascinating to see.