Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day, An American Holiday

Patriotic Window, Black Mountain, NC  -  2013
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Tomorrow is Labor Day. It's three-day weekend kind of holiday for most of us. It' parades and pic-nics. It's barbecue and football. It's the unofficial end of summer. It's a day to celebrate the American worker.

We're a little different from workers in other countries. Not always better, but different. Most workers in the world today can't imagine having what we take for granted. We enjoy the freedom to be innovative and creative. We can work where we want, and do what we want to do if we'll put forth the effort it takes to be good at it. Sometimes the job we have now is not our dream job, but we have the freedom and opportunities to strive for something better. The only thing that limits us is our own determination. And we're allowed to enjoy the fruits of our labors, as we choose to enjoy them.  These are the things that make Labor Day a distinctly American holiday. So fly that flag tomorrow, and be thankful for the opportunities and freedoms God has provided for us in the USA.

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  1. We fly the flag proudly.
    With all it's flaws there is no where else I would rather live than in the God Ole' U.S.A.