Monday, September 30, 2013

Slow Sunday

Normally on Sunday afternoons in September I'm planted on the sofa watching a football game. This weekend, the Saints weren't playing until Monday night, and Theresa was absorbed in a marathon session of Breaking Amish: Los Angeles. (Don't ask.) I got cabin fever, so I headed out with my camera with no destination in mind.

Somehow I ended at the Waynesville Skate Park, which until yesterday I didn't even know existed. It's kinda hidden behind the Recreation Center, another place I don't go often. There were about 30 or so kids on skateboards zooming around the park, and having seen skateboarders on "Amazing Videos" type shows on TV, I figured maybe I could catch a few of those spectacular wipeouts. It would be a good opportunity to practice my action photography skills, which I admit, need practice.

I saw a few falls, but nothing like the spills that make it onto the TV shows. No blood, no broken bones, no lost teeth. It was pretty tame, actually - like a NASCAR race at half speed. It was just some local kids having some fun on a pretty fall afternoon. Below is the best three-shot sequence I was able to get of this guy trying to jump some steps. Fortunately, the only thing he bruised was his ego. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

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  1. This is great! I used to have a skateboard when I was much younger. I never tried anything more spectacular than riding it down the driveway. It always amazes me how fearless some people are.