Thursday, March 28, 2013

From the Archives

Mona Lisa Smile, New Orleans, LA  -  1983
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Something from my early days with a camera:

I just happened to be strolling around the French Quarter in New Orleans one summer day in 1983 when I came across a movie crew who was working in Jackson Square. I never did find out what movie it was, but everyone was dressed in very early 1900s costume. The crew was taking a break, and this young woman had just sat down on a bench in front of St. Louis Cathedral. She looked up just as I raised my camera and gave me a big smile. In my nervousness I pressed the shutter release a little too soon, just before she smiled, but catching one of those Mona Lisa-type expressions instead. I also got the picture just before she pulled a cigarette out of her purse, which would have ruined the period look that I wanted. I still love this picture and her expression, even if I caught it mostly by accident.

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  1. She is beautiful! My dining room needs this on one wall.