Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An Inside Look

Inner Crocus, Canton, NC  -  2013
(Click on photo to enlarge.)

Macro photography seems easy if you have the right equipment. I have a very fine Zuiko macro lens, but believe me, it's anything but a slam dunk. Especially outdoors. Depth of field is so slight. The least little puff of breeze can move your subject out of focus. It's so frustrating because I get so many misses. But it's so satisfying when I get one right!

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous.
    Macros are fascinating to me, especially the intricate insides of flowers.
    I have a friend that has vision only in one of her eyes and that one only has 20% sight.
    So, even though I don't have great equipment ,when I post macros and close-ups of things, she is estatic. She has never seen some of those things before and never even knew they existed.
    That's amazing and exciting to me.