Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Street Photography

Travellin' On Poetry, Asheville, NC  -  2015
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Although I still would rather be wandering through the forests and mountains with my camera, when it's really hot and humid, or my time is limited, I find myself attracted to the wilds of downtown Asheville. I like that there are plenty of places to duck into for some air conditioning or a cold drink if the heat starts to get to me. Also, I can be home in less than 30 minutes if I'm pressed for time.

I just wander around, street to street, looking for interesting people or situations. I saw this young man with a sign, "Travelin on Poetry" with a plastic bowl displayed for cash contributions. Perhaps he would compose a poem for you on the spot for a little traveling money. The man on the left gave him some money, but from what I could see, he did most of the talking. The poetry man seemed content to just listen. I guess there's a market for that too.

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