Sunday, July 19, 2015

Slim Pickings At Folkmoot

Waiting to Perform, Waynesville, NC  -  2015
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I've been attending Folkmoot Festival Day since 2005, and I usually come home with some decent shots of the dancers in their costumes. Until yesterday. In previous years, the dancers from the various groups would walk around, mingle with the crowd, and pose for pictures. Yesterday, however, only a few dancers were out mingling, making it harder to find a good subject to photograph. I can't say that I blame them. I wouldn't want to spend any more time out in that heat with those heavy, elaborate costumes than necessary.

The combination of fewer dancers and more people than ever with cameras (mostly smart phones) made the competition for pictures fierce. With the meager opportunities, and the oppressive July heat, I tapped out early and went home with a hardly used memory card in my camera. I miss the days when I used to go to Folkmoot wondering if I had brought enough extra memory cards.

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