Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sometimes it's just too easy.

I got the opportunity to do portraits for some newlyweds Sunday afternoon, Yam and Brent Burke. I am used to having to work, sometimes very hard, to get the best from people for their portraits. Sometimes with young children it can be a real battle; some adults aren't much easier. Then sometimes you get a couple in their early twenties, still enjoying the bliss of a recent marriage, and man, you're photographing on Easy Street!

Mr. and Mrs. Burke (I'm sure they're not quite used to that designation yet) arrived on time to our outdoor location, full of enthusiasm and ideas. I love it when my subjects have some ideas and poses they want to try. Yam even had some example photos on her phone to show me. This couple was very willing to experiment with my ideas and theirs, and we had a good time trying several "action" type shots. Not all of them worked exactly as we envisioned, but all three of us had fun experimenting. The only trouble I had from these two is when they both started laughing during a kissing shot. Sometimes it's necessary for a photographer to be tough and demanding, so I made them do it over and over until they got it right!

Brent and Yam, Canton, NC  -  2014
(Click on photo to enlarge.)

I chose one of the more traditional poses we did to show here. Altogether, we got about 15 keepers, including some they want to use for their first Christmas card. Sometimes portrait photography can be a lot of work. Sunday, it was just a lot of fun.

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  1. What a beautiful couple.Perfect traditional pose.
    What fun to have fun just taking the photos of "young love".