Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Week Late

While both girls were home for Thanksgiving, I thought it would be generous of me to peel myself away from the football games for a while and do a holiday-ish activity with the family. I saw that the Grove Arcade in Asheville was having a lighting ceremony on Friday with several fun activities including a performance by the Asheville Symphony Chorus. Perfect!

The festivities weres supposed to begin at 5 pm, and we arrived about 4:45. I was a little surprised to find a parking spot right across the street, but attributed it to being a blessing for being a great Dad. When we went inside the Grove Arcade, we found it beautifully lit and decorated for the Christmas season. I began to wonder what other displays of lighting the coming ceremony would reveal. The crowds inside were light to moderate, but I'll never complain about that.

Five o'clock came and went with no indication of anything about to begin. There were a couple of balcony locations that I thought would be likely for the chorus performance, but no sign of any singers yet. As 5:30 approached with nothing exciting going on, I spied a table with some brochures displayed. One was a card announcing the event we had come to see. I looked over the card to see if there was a schedule of events. That's when I saw the date. November 21. The previous Friday. As in "one week earlier". Oooops!

My mind began to scheme as to how to announce my blunder while still saving face with my family. Nothing came to mind, so I decided to just fess up, and hope that dinner at Papa's And Beer would smooth things over. It did. I know my family. Mexican food can solve many problems.

Well, we missed the event we went to see, but I did get this nice photo of the Vanderbilt Apartments at sunset. So along with the Enchiladas Marias, the evening wasn't a total loss!

Vanderbilt Apartments At Sunset, Asheville, NC  -  2014
(Click on photo to enlarge.)

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