Sunday, September 21, 2014

Another Overnighter

I went on an overnight backpacking trip with some friends Saturday to the Pink Beds area in Pisgah National Forest. We camped just off the Pink Beds Loop trail, a short 2 mile hike from the pic-nic area parking lot.

This is me in full pack. It might look like a lot to carry for an overnight trip, but I like to eat, and I like to be somewhat comfortable in camp. I'm willing to carry a little more weight since we usually only a hike a few miles in.

Here's Shannon setting up his tent and putting his gear away. We've learned not to pitch our tents too close together since some of us snore rather loudly in the quiet of a forest night. Or so I've been told. Personally, I've never heard a thing.

In the area we chose to set up camp, the forest floor was covered with ferns. It made a soft, cushioned surface for sleeping. This is my tent set up in a shady area among the ferns.

Owen was able to get a good fire going so we could cook our supper. We were a little worried because all the wood on the ground was very wet from last week's rains, but Owen had things blazing in no time.

There's a price to pay for carrying all that weight, but a soak in the frigid waters of a mountain stream gave me some relief.

Here's the crew before setting out to hike back to the truck. With no tripod, I balanced my camera on top of two walking sticks, and walked softly to my spot so as not to knock over the camera. Got the picture, and the camera survived. Left to right: Owen Hockenberry, Shannon Blaylock, and John Roberts. Good friends, and good hiking buddies! (Click on photos to enlarge.)

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  1. Looks like you had an awesome time with good buddies.
    Good food, good fellowship, good weather...what could be better?