Sunday, January 27, 2013

Football Withdrawal

It's been a tough weekend, the first one in a long time with no football. Well, there's the Pro Bowl tonight, but that's hardly a game to get me jumping up and down and screaming. I guess it will have to do. The Super Bowl is next Sunday, and then it's cold turkey until next August. (Sigh.)

I had some errands to keep me busy for a little while yesterday, but today there was nothing pressing. So Courtney and I headed for Asheville to look for "interesting" people and scenes. It was overcast and chilly with not much going on downtown. We walked around for an hour or so, but I saw nothing that really got my creative juices flowing today. Here's a few from a slow (i.e. football-less) afternoon in downtown Asheville. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Knee Jewelry 

One man Band

Looking For Coffee

Door Mural

Used Shoes

1 comment:

  1. For a boring day you got some interesting shots.
    Love the used shoes.
    That game certainly wasn't anything to get too excited about.