Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Little Lumix Continues To Impress!

I took an early morning stroll around downtown Asheville yesterday to further test out my new Lumix digicam. Last week on a short hike in Pisgah National Forest, I was impressed with how clean the photos were at ISO 400. This week, I shot strictly in Program mode at ISO 800. I was expecting to see more digital noise, especially in the shadow areas, but like last week, they were very clean! At high magnification on my computer screen (200% +) I could see some evidence of the camera's noise cancelling software at work. I wouldn't make poster size prints from these ISO 800 photos, but 8x10s would look fine. This exercise really increased my confidence in this camera, especially for street photography.

And what a pleasure it was not to have that big DSLR slung over my shoulder! I felt so much freer carrying a camera that fits comfortably in my hand. My shirt pocket is now my camera bag. I shot more, and I enjoyed my walk much more without that boat anchor tugging on my shoulder. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Foothills Meats Sign At Sunrise

100% Magnification - Clean!

Store Window

Pack Square and BB&T Building

Blue Door

Bruised Rose

Hookah Shops are getting popular in Asheville

Sign Of The Times

No Alcohol

No Nothing

No Pictures


Downtown Sunrise


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  1. These are terrific. Great color and interesting subject matter.
    Love all the "No" signs.