Monday, May 4, 2015

Enjoying Spring

We're finally getting a real and lasting spring in the western North Carolina mountains. For the past couple of years, it seemed like we went from winter cold to summer heat in about two weeks. Although a bit rainy, this spring has been really nice temperature-wise.

We had a Sunday afternoon without any rain yesterday, and I didn't let it got to waste. I took a hike along the East Fork of the Pigeon River in the Shining Rock Wilderness Area. It was great weather for hiking, and the time spent along the roaring river was very relaxing after a rough week at work. There's just something about the sound of rushing water that does wonders for a man's soul.

I saw a variety of early wild flowers, including trillium, showy orchus, and bluets. It was the dogwoods, however, that are stealing the show at present. Their white blossoms against the bright green of springtime foliage is a real head-turner in our forests right now.

Dogwood In Bloom, Shining Rock Wilderness, NC  -  2015
(Click on photo to enlarge.)

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