Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Discounted Inspiration

I like to make a trip to my favorite second hand book store, Mr. K's Used Books in Asheville, at least once a week. Over the years I have found some outstanding bargains in every category of books. The store has wide aisles, is well lit, has a large and varied selection, and has very helpful staff. Another plus is that it is less than a mile from where I work, making it a convenient stop on the way home.

I don't come home with a book on every trip to Mr, K's, but every so often I make a real find. Last week I found a copy of Supreme Instants, The Photography of Edward Weston for only $4.00! It is a softcover, but in pristine condition. It originally sold for $25.00 way back in 1986. I love a bargain!

I have seen dozens of examples of Weston's work, but this book contained several photographs I had not seen before. Among these were some photos of clouds that I thought were excellent. Now, I don't often get excited over cloud photos. Alfred Stieglitz's famous Equivalents series are among the most boring photos I have ever seen. Weston's clouds, however, inspired me to go back and do something with a cloud photo of my own that I made a few months back. I found this unusual formation while working down in Cherokee County on the highway between Andrews and Murphy. And by the way, all you big camera snobs, the original color photo was made with my little "point & shoot" Canon A2000.

Cherokee County Clouds, Cherokee County, NC  -  2014
(Click on photo to enlarge.)

This photo has been sitting in my "I'll do something with it one day" file where it might have lingered for months or even years. Weston's book inspired me to try to make a quality B&W photo out of it, and I am fairly pleased with the results. Inspiration for only $4.00 - I do love a bargain!

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  1. I love it. It's a great image and fun besides.
    Hubby and I are always looking at clouds and sunsets.
    Great bargain for a book that makes you happy.