Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Crocus, Buncombe County, NC  -  2014
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It's been a typical March in the southern Appalachian mountains so far: some days feel like spring, and others feel like we're still in the full grip of winter. On the warmer days spring fever starts to take hold, and then suddenly, a blast of winter returns. It can be very confusing sometimes. However, the crocus blooms have popped up, and that's a sure sign that spring is indeed on the way. Don't look at the thermometer, look at the crocus. There's hope in those little flowers.

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  1. From looking at the coming weeks forcast, Spring does look like it may be making it's way back. Again. Such gorgeous little flowers. You probably don't watch The Walking Dead, but this post kinda put me in mind of the episode before last.