Thursday, February 13, 2014

An Early Morning Walk In The Snow

Nine inches of snow fell at my house yesterday and last night. That was enough to get a call from my supervisor at work to tell me, "We're closed again, go back to bed." Instead of going back to bed, I decided to take a walk with my camera down the street towards Meadowbrook School and see what there was to see. I found some otherwise mundane subject matter that took on a whole new look when placed against a backdrop of snow. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

I decided not to title any of these - that's too much like work, and these were just for fun.


  1. Nice, no! Better than nice.
    I really like the simple contrasts.
    The yellow bench and fence posts are terrific.
    Glad you took a walk in the 9 inches of snow. That's a lot of snow.

  2. Snow shots is my favorite type of photos.
    There are so great!
    Especially, second is my favorite.