Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Grand Finale

The explosive colors I saw in the Nantahala gorge on Wednesday were already beginning to fade by the time I got back there Saturday morning, but I managed to find a few that were still in their Fall prime. With all the wind we've been having, I'm afraid the show is about over for this year. It was a late developing Fall, but when it finally got going, it proved to be another winner! (Click on photos to enlarge.)


  1. So very beautiful John. The puddle reflection is outstanding.
    The wind has blown a lot of leaves from the trees before their prime here too.

  2. It's so sad how quickly the leave fade once they hit peak. I wish they could stay that way for at least a week or two, then fade and hit the ground. But then, maybe I wouldn't appreciate them quite as much. The puddle photo is my favorite! But they are all beautiful.